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Specially tuned for the market research industry

Watch Me Think’s video platform gives you an unprecedented ability to intelligently Search and Edit then Share your video assets.

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  • Free to use till 10GB of video storage
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Find precise moments

Inside videos when people mention the subject you are looking for.

Searching for clam shell finds clam shell packaging

Find alternative speech patterns

It knows that if, for example, you search for “cheese”, it’ll also find you “Parmesan”, "Parmigiano" and “BabyBel”. Search for “texture” and it will find you both “crinkly” and “smooth”.

Searching for cheese finds cheese and mozzarella

Filter spoken terms by meaning

By attitude, subject matter - even preparation, location, positioning, awareness...

A range of filters A range of filters

Filter by positive or negative sentiments

In what people say - are they happy or angry with a product, the packaging or service?

Filters for sentiment and observed emotion

Find what is unspoken

Uniquely WMT also transcribes what people do, not just what they say.

Transcription includes what the person in the video is doing

Image Recognition finds WHO is actually in the videos

Gender, age - if there’s more than one person appearing, and where in the video they occur

Filters for finding people by number, gender or age

We also look for facial emotions BETA

to gauge happiness, anger, surprise etc

Video shot of a 90 years old male showing happiness


Oh-so-simple Clipping

Found what you’re looking for? Select the parts that are interesting. And clip them out. It takes literally seconds.

Create Playlist collections for your discoveries

Collect, categorize and arrange clips and videos in your own unlimited playlists

A list of playlists


Share playlists, videos and clips with your colleagues

Collaborate with your colleagues around the world.
(for Premium subscribers)

Share with colleagues through the application

Share videos & clips externally with your agencies, freelancers or suppliers

Via a 7-day time-limited link for your security. No annoying passwords or registrations required.

Share externally through email

Download any video

With or without subtitles, for use in presentations and meetings.

Videos are also playable on all smartphones and tablets.


Pay only for what you need

10GB Free to get you started, $0.1/GB/day when you need more

The platform is free-to-use up to 10GB of video storage.

Above 10GB, pay just $0.1 per additional GB used per day.

Free automatic machine transcription, $3/minute for human-made transcription

All videos uploaded are automatically machine transcribed for free.

Human made transcriptions, which includes visual references eg [She opens the packaging] [He picks up the jar of Marmite] can be ordered @ $3/minute.

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The insights platform comes from Watch Me Think.

Watch Me Think was one of the first research agencies to use the advent of mobile devices to harvest authentic, in-the-moment consumer feedback and behaviours in-situ.

In harvesting and using that information, we had to build a way to make it easier to find what is inside videos. To unlock their potential. To then share that potential.

The result:

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